"How to Make Your Brain Smarter"
KERA/PBS/McCuistion TV - July 7, 2013

EXCERPT: "The BrainHealth Center is devoted to studies for keeping our brain healthy, how the brain adapts and its speed of functioning. Their studies show that our brain can change in hours – far faster than our bodies can. With a little effort, we can change our brain for the better by the activities we engage in – just like we exercise our bodies."


"Study says chronic marijuana use shrinks your brain"
Radio interview with Larry Mantle on Airtalk in LA – November 24, 2014

EXCERTP: “A study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas’ Center for Brain Health and the Albuquerque-based Mind Research Network has found evidence that chronic pot smokers have less gray matter than people who have never smoked marijuana.”


"Repeated Pot Use Linked to Lower IQ"
TIME Magazine article

EXCERPT: “‘The results suggest increases in connectivity, both structural and functional that may be compensating for gray matter losses,’ said study co-author Sina Aslan, a faculty member at The University of Texas at Dallas. ‘Eventually, however, the structural connectivity or ‘wiring’ of the brain starts degrading with prolonged marijuana use.’”

“The secret of the terrible teens revealed: Brain scans show 'imbalance' in emotional regulation circuits in teenagers”
Daily Mail article

EXCERPT: "'Most fMRI scans used to be done in conjunction with a particular visual task. In the past several years, however, it has been shown that performing an fMRI scan of the brain during a 'mind-wandering' state is just as valuable,' said Sina Aslan, at The University of Texas at Dallas."

"Mind works: Brain training -- saving cognitive capital"
ABC-7 WWSB MySuncoast article

EXCERPT: "'One individual’s brain blood flow improved as a whole by about 12.6 percent,' Sina Aslan, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for BrainHealth, The University of Texas at Dallas..."

"Aerobics Might Boost Brain Health for Older Adults"
Health Day Article

EXCERPT: “’One key region where we saw increase in brain blood flow was the anterior cingulate,’ study collaborator Sina Aslan, founder and president of Advance MRI, said in the news release. ‘The anterior cingulate has been linked to superior [mental ability] in late life.’”