Advance MRI, LLC is a research and development company that provides cutting edge support to scientist, pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the field of neuroimaging to validate their findings.

Our technical expertise include processing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as well as EEG (ERP and time-frequency) and functional near infra-red (fNIR) data.

The MRI techniques include:

functional MRI (fMRI), Arterial Spin Labeling MRI (ASL), Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), functional connectivity (fcMRI), phase contrast (pc) MRI, T(2)-Relaxation-Under-Spin-Tagging (TRUST) MRI, Vascular Space Occupancy (VASO) MRI and structural MRI (sMRI).

Our company's mission is to provide high quality, timely and cost effective solutions to industry and research institutions. This allows our customers to focus on their products/research without having to invest their time and resources on neuroimaging analysis.